Every journey begins with a single step

Replaced the old Pirelli tyres with new Bridgestone BT45s today. The old tyres were flat and the valves had seized up.
Overlanders Motorcycle Tyres just outside Noosa (Queensland, Australia) was able to supply and fit them for me, albeit with a bit of paint scratched off one wheel.
Next the brakes, which were seized

I stripped the brakes down to reveal seized and rusted pistons which will be junked.
Brake master cylinders

The rubber bellows had turned to licorice. I ended up scraping it out. Here you can see Handy Use Of Old Inner Tube number 347, a circle cut to stop bits of the bellows/licorice falling in to the system.
Brake master cylinder pistons seized

These operating pistons on both rear and front brakes were totally seized.
On advice from helpful Laverda Forum people, a couple of days soaking in WD40, followed by firm (hammer) persuasion with a long, 4mm drift inserted in the opposite end did the trick.
Rear brake piston disassembly

You can see the corrosion which was locking this in place. Will be replaced with new.
New brake parts

New pistons, caps & bellows arrived today.
Rear brake rebuild

I have put the rear brake back together, ensuring everything is as smooth and gunk-free as possible.
Lubed the pistons with brake fluid, the master piston rubber seals with Brembo grease supplied with rebuild kits.
New Pistons and Master Cylinder piston in place

To tap the master piston home, I found a small spark plug socket the ideal size. A few firm taps and the master piston is fixed.
If you're doing this job, check the excellent how-to (PDF) by Lothar from the Laverda Forum: https://tinyurl.com/y38nm7ls
Place old washer on top of new assembly, then the socket and tap it home, until it stays in place and (when reattached) the operating arm works ok.
Reassemble brakes

Quick reassembly, with new bolts, pads, bellows and cap. Nearly done.
21st Century Battery

Exciting times as the bike is headed to Redax Laverda on Saturday for assessment and repairs to the engine. More on that to follow.
Firstly I need a new battery and today this little lithium gem arrived, tiny and light at 1Kg.
It replaces the original lead acid battery which was 10 times heavier and less capable.
Battery installation

The battery compartment will need some modification for this much smaller unit.
I reckon I'll have room to create some storage space too.
This battery was supplied by batteriesdirect.com.au in Australia.
Into Fast Forward

Bike is now at Redax Laverda in Queensland.
After my pottering around for months, Red is working at warp speed applying decades of expertise.
Within a couple of days we have the following items identified and often already fixed.

Gummed-up carbs

Photos show yellow residue left by evaporated fuel. Stripped and cleaned in an ultrasound bath for several hours.
Those yellowed fuel pipes started out as the original blue.
Carburettors cleaned

Carb components after several hours of ultrasound cleaning.
They were then rebuilt with new bits where needed.
Battery box

Really neat stainless and aluminium battery box fabricated for the new tiny battery.
Forks restored

Fork tubes were pitted with rust. Freshly chromed (exchange) tubes were bought and installed.
Forks reinstalled

Forks are back in, reversed right to left so brake calipers are now located behind forks instead of in front. New brake lines are neater this way too.

The end of Phase One

The bike is now rideable

I collected the bike from Redax Laverda in Brisbane on a 32c degree day.
Being the week before Christmas the traffic was stop/start on the motorway
and not much fun until I left and took the smaller roads.

Still a long way to go, but it is good to be back.